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Coming to EDC changed to be a risk taker. It’s a great testimony! EDC enlarged horizon opened my eyes, helped me to take a bold step. I resigned from my paid employment because of the boldness and mindset re-engineering I took as a decision. The first contract i did after EDC; training- and consultancy earned me N250,000. I am really happy! In fact, I have referred a lot of people to the EDC training.
Thanks to the EDC faculty.

Oghenero Bezaleel Ajiri

The EDC program has enhanced my business management skillsAlthough, I came to EDC with a mindset: that I can access loan to start up on my own. The experience gained from the centre has greatly influenced me to know how to write business plans, register my business, more equipped for proper business negotiation and agreement documentation and my leadership skills have been sharpened.

Olorunleke Prince Timothy

Based on what I learnt at EDC I now operate more than one business. The training was an eye opener for me to identify more business opportunities.

Ayodele Oladuni (Trading of Resource Materials).

Being a full house wife, there seems to be little or no business I could do within the confines of my home, until I thought of Goat rearing. I started the business with a meager sum of #6,500. Then I enrolled for the training. Thanks to EDC, have been able to keep my records, track my profit, pay myself and develop a strong marketing skill. My business is now worth #150,000, and hopefully if I get a larger space I will have more goats to rear and employ more hands.

Popoola Tutuola Comfort

I cannot thank EDC enough for making my long awaited dream a reality. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I want to be an employer of labour and also help others build their dreams. After the EDC training, I was able to use the networking skills I gained to mobilize the sum of #4,000,000 from friends and family to start my own rental business. Within six months my business is worth #6,000,000. EDC enlightened me on financial management, record keeping and how to be creative. I am deeply grateful.

Samuel Motunrayo Olubunmi

I inherited this Printing business from my uncle, 10 years ago, and I have been running its day to day activities conventionally until I heard about EDC. I was deeply convinced that things could be done better and easier so I gave the training a trial and have never regretted taking that step. I now treat my customers better and they also refer clients to me. I treat my employees too better and I give incentives. EDC has added to my business knowledge and I now know how to plan better.

Oladijo Olayinka Moses

I learnt tactical approach to business. The training changed my mindset and I acquired managerial skill that increased my horizon.

Solarin Adebayo (Trading of cloth).

I registered for the training after I resigned my Job and through the training I registered my own business. I now have business confidence and direction. The first consultancy I did after the training fetched me over #200,000

Oghenero Bezaleel Ajiri (Training Consultant).

I learnt a lot at the training and the facilitators have really helped. The internship too has helped in perfecting my vocational skill. I am really grateful.

Adeleye Omolara Ololade. (Trading of female wears).

I was looking for a huge amount of money to start my business, but at the training, I learnt I could start small. Truly, I started small and I am now a business owner.
Thank you, EDC!

Ala Modupe (Rental services).

EDC training gave me the orientation, skill and mental capacity to succeed in my business. I learnt how to be more organized and coordinate my activities.

Olukitibi Philip (Dog breeding).

The training helped me in my marketing skills. Before, I force my goods on customers, but after I got the training, my approach changed and I sell more. Also, my record keeping skills has improved.

Adekunle Adetoye (Fish Farming).

EDC training opened my eyes to legal issues relating to business, I also, learnt the required strategy and character that makes a business prosper.

Afolabi Sunday (Chalk Production).

I got to learn a lot more on how to run my business in terms of customer relations and record keeping. I also learnt about other business ventures that has to do with my business area. I was able to build a priceless network of relationship that would in the long run be beneficial to my business.

Ala Momurewa (Education Services).

EDC training has equipped me with that great skill of developing a bankable business plan. It is indeed a place for molding great entrepreneurs.

Ajayi Temitope (Trading of Household materials).

The training facilitators are experienced and seasoned, the training environment is very conducive and what I learnt is unquantifiable.

Alero Abejirinde (Business Consultant).

This training influenced my perception to business greatly. Through EDC, I got a loan that has helped in expanding my Business. God bless EDC.

Bernard Oyindamola (Cosmetics and Beauty Production).

I have not regretted coming to EDC, the first session was an eye opening, it was waoo; mindset re-engineering. EDC program gave me the drive to start and own my business. Iam now the promoter of Mercia Foods, we are into groceries. This was after EDC intervention.

Agharese Mercy Itohan

In less than two months of Entrepreneurship training, I kick started award winning clothing line “Slitz Couture” and employed two seamstresses. Through the information gotten during the Program, I participated in the Young African Leaders Initiative, YALI, and Regional Leadership Center in Accra, Ghana.

Kehinde Oladeji

Few months after the EDC training, through the Leadership, Innovative, Creative and financial literacy gained, I was able to resuscitate my father’s business, start my own NGO (HOPEL-Goodness) and presently, am a UNITED-NATIONS 2017 EMPOWERWOMEN CHAMPION FOR CHANGE..

Funbi Alatise


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